Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Pawangad Hilltop

Location Guide: 18 KMs from Kolhapur on Ratnagjri Road. The approach road passes through Panhala fort.

The Pawangad hill top is home to some of the most scenic natural events. One just needs to keep the eyes and ears open and its just heaven.

Pawangad despite being close to Panhala does not gets very heavy tourist flow. Some credit for this can be shared by the approach road. Even biking becomes cumbersome for certain patch.

Pawangad is home to some of the most beautiful and amazing species of Camera friendly butterflies.

I also came across some of the great insects like grass hoppers, termites coming out of their colonies and spiders

Luckily enough for me and my camera we came across one of the caught in the web acts of an unfortunate grass hopper.
I waited for around 40 minutes to see whether I can be witness to a spider lunch but it was not to be.

The most prized catch of this trip was the photograph of this eagle nest. It is one of the rarest sights in wildlife and I have been fortunate enough to witness it. 

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