Monday, March 1, 2010

Hiking in Rangna (Rangana) Forests

The Mission: Hiking to the Rangna fort for a stay of Two days and one night.

The Challenge: Hiking in Hot Summer weather, coupled along with treacherous mountain trail infested with herds of Bisons and Russell’s viper Snakes.

We a group of seven hikers led by Narayan Vishwasrao Shinde started hiking from Gargoti to Patgaon on our Vehicles and from Patgaon onwards it  was we, our hatch bags and our legs. 

The Team and the Mission in the backdrop

We had selected the Hiking days in such a manner that the night that we stayed in the fort was full moon night. 

 At the Top of the Peak

We started our hike around 1 o clock and reached to the top of the hill so as to enjoy the sun melting down in the Ghats.   The Sunsets from the cliffs of the Ghats is a mesmerizing and sublime experience. It was also those mystic day in which a full moon and sun makes a joint appearance. We could also notice the sea line of Malwan coasts in the far away west. 

As soon as the darkness fell, moon took the centre stage and enlightened the entire Jungle with Milky light. 

One thing that struck me during the night that I cannot even recall ia single night  in my entire life when I have not heard any tonking of the horns and cacophony of the urban life. 

We started preparing our food while having a mild drink. After having our typical Kolhapuri food, we went out to fetch some water search for some snakes and wild life in the Jungle on the way to the pond. All we came back with was a barb of a porcupine (Syahi). During the time of preparation of food we could hear mating sounds of Owl in the Jungle and as soon as we flashed out our torch light on the perch from where the voice was originating we got to see two glowing eyes on the top of the perch which made the confirmation to our guess of these voices belonging to Owls. 

As the night fell so did our tiring bodies as well. It was a much needed and a very refreshing sleep for the entire night. 

As we all woke at 07:30 AM, we went to Mother Nature attend our nature’s call. As soon we were fresh we went out to explore the Fort and the dense Jungle in its fold. 

It was steamy hot in Jungle and dense forest bushes added to the heat. As we went to the south of the fort on the South Gate of the fort a delightful surprise was awaiting us on walls of the Gate. It was a Chameleon, one who was not shy of sharing all its camouflage skills.


While roaming in the hot jungles appearance of these flowers made a welcome sight.

Sight of this big rock spider was also one of the memories that I will cherish forever amongst my expeditions. 

We also went to the east side of the fort in search of Snakes and Vultures but only one of them obliged. We came across this Vulture in the rock seats. To identify the seat of these vultures on the rock faces is quite easy. Just look at the white spots on the rocks, these marks are of the excretion of the vultures on these rocks. 

We started our descent at around 4 PM and we reached Patgaon by 06:45 PM. In all during these two days we all had walked around 45 KMs. Although the trek  for physically enervating, but it was nothing as compared to the mental refreshment that we received.


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awesome flora n irritating Chameleon

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Patgoan is my village

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This is my village