Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Malwan (Malvan) Trip- In Monsoons

I visited Malwan in Monsoons with my friend Avadhoot. Avadhoot himself is a Malwani Manoos . That proved out to be a great favour for me.

Malwan has a lazy elegance attached to it. The lazy elegance comes from the fact that Malwan is so very well gifted with natural resource (Fishes, Cashew, the Alphonso Mangoes, Coconut, Kokum berries).

The Malwan is home to one of the most beautiful back waters river.

The life in Malwan is as close as it gets with the Nature. Even the Ganesh Idols for the Ganesh Festival are made by Mud, and not Plaster of Paris (I call it Plaster of India).

I Spoke with these creators of the god In my tuti Phuti Marathi (My breaking Marathi). My basic anxiety was to know that what do they do during the other time of the year? They informed me that they go on fishing trailers and also do Kokum farming during other 8 non monsoon months. And to take care of their livelihood Lord Ganesh comes to their rescue.

This is a Ganesh Temple which visited in Malwan and trust me that Image of this Idol is going to be etched in my mind forever.

Scenic Beauty of Malwan
On my way to Malwan I took photographs of Vengurla shores from hills of vengurla
I still believe that my camera was not able to capture even a half of the beauty that the scenes over their offered.

The Sea Shore and Back water: This photograph shows the thin line of white sand between the Sea and the Back water.

The Nature and Malwan

This Crab was really a Model crab . It gave so many full of patience poses for photographs.

The Monsoons flowers in Malwan:

The Malwan Sunsets in Backwaters:

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ranjan padhi said...

Amazing photography... i really liked it.. your pics resembles the true color of Malwan. I feel like being present at the location. thanks for sharing these beautiful snaps with us.

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