Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Amba Jungles

The Jungles of Amba are located nearly 60 Kms from Kolhapur on the road to Ratnagiri. These forests are again a part of Western Ghats

I came across Amazing flowers,landscapes, wild life and not to mention peace of mind. 

The Flowers in Amba Ghat- 

During the onset of Monsoons the Scenic beauty of Amba Forests is just a treat to watch.
Amba forest holds amazing flora and fauna. One just cant stop admiring the wild flowers on the way to Ghats.

The Bird Life:

The Jungles are Amba are home to some of the very rare species like The great Indian Squirrel, Russel viper snakes and loads of Ambhibians.
To my luck I could find these birds but even sitting in the foothills of the ghats and watching these birds was a treat.

The Landscapes of Western Ghats- Amba Jungles:

Certain landscapes just takes your breath away. The Onset of monsoons clouds on western ghats is just a sight which never can be resisted.  


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just amazin

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cool man....

anchal said...

really cool.. nature is in full swing n u have captured the mood beautifully.

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