Thursday, February 18, 2010

Encouter with a Cobra

An encounter with a classy serpent:

Ever Since I remember there was always one festival which I always waited so eagerly, despite of the fact that  there were no culinary delicacies made on that festival, no new clothes to be bought, no fire crackers to be fired, still this one festival always carried a special significance in my childhood. This used to be the “Nag-panchami”. I use to watch the worship of Snakes done at every home, just to get another glimpse of this fabulous reptile. I use to stand at the corner of our colony and used to ask every snake wrangler to show his snake to me and I would choose only one having a Cobra with him.

Here now while roaming in the jungles of Amba, all my fascinations came true. As soon as we crossed the bushes, the dry leaves made some stacata sounds and on exploring the bushes out came my worst fear and wildest and most beautiful fantasies.  I could not notice anything else apart from the spread hood and the warning hiss of this glorious serpent. My body was shivering and my responses became numb. I was getting hypnotized by the presence of this mystical creature. Another node of the head and a hissing sound made me come back to my senses.

In front of me was one of the most poisonous revered and even worshipped snake in the world, It was a Spectacled Cobra, a spectacled cobra with all his warning mechanisms on. 

The Cobra was all alone by itself and was not sharing the space with any of the gods like Shiva or Vishnu.

I backed off to a safe distance and quickly grabbed a stick so to enhance my safety. My two other friends had moved quite far, and also warned me back off. But I never wanted to let this opportunity let go. 

I wanted to see the rising and mesmerizing swaying movements of that hood in its full glory. 

As I controlled my nerves I decided to take a few snaps of this glory in motion. I asked my friend to come a bit closer and distract the Cobra so that I can take a few snaps. It was done. We decided to leave this wild beauty alone and left the spot (as if we had other choice).

The Cobra gave us a long standing goodbye till the time we were out of its sight.

Thinking about this encounter still gives me shivers in excitement.

I still keep thinking and saying thanks to that Cobra for treating us with his wonderful sighting and for sparing our lives.

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Abhishek Aashna said...

Hey nice pics siddhu....i remember, on NAG PANCHMI we guys used to wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to eachother...he he he...and one song SAAMP ka bachcha SAPOLA...SAPOLE ke papa ji SAAMP...ha ha ha...

Thnx for refrshing MEMORIES....