Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kas and Thosegad

Location Guide:

Satara to Old Tunnel to Kas Valley to Kas Lake back to Tunnel to Thosegarh (Thosegad)

As soon as we took right turn before the Old tunnel in Satara it was a different world altogether.

Once the Ghats were finished we were in Kas Pathars. This is a place with some of the most scenic landscapes. The best time to visit Kas valley is in September. During this time the valley is also known as valley of flowers. The slopes of the valley are all covered with different colours of flowers. 




After getting down from Kas valley the Kas Lake welcomed us. I have always been awed by the serenity of this Lake.

All the natural places have there own signatures. The Kas Lake have these trees half submerged in the waters of Lake. These trees have always been a synagogue of the lake.






In Kas valley on both sides of the road has two big rocks. The best part about these gigantic rocks is the shape that Nature has provided them. They appear to be Natures answer to man made Castles. One rock also have these two straight and minarets shaped rocks which resemble to the entrance gate to this Castle.






On my way back, I met with this Camera friendly Butterfly. Usually I have always aspired to take snaps of these big butterflies but they have always eluded me. But this time there was no disappointment.





We came back to the Old tunnel of Satara and after crossing the tunnel we took right turn to Thosegarh.  



Thosegarh is the deepest water fall of Maharashtra. The sound of water welcomes you and before even seeing this natural marvel it creates a sense of anticipation and as soon as the water fall come in sight I felt that I anticipated very less. The water fall has a calming effect and although there were around 30 people around us but I felt nothing but the presence of the Waterfall. 



Maharashtra Tourism Guide

Photographs of Tigers
Monkeys on and around the podium of Waterfall are a treat to watch




During this trip I took these two photographs of my parents which could easily  epitomize my master card advertisement story “There are many things in life which money can't buy, for every thing else there is Master card” 



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