Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nature in full swing - Western Ghats

The forests in Western Ghats offer a wide range wild life. The Ghats are home to some of the rare species and hold distinction of having these species in abundance.

The Female Asian Koel:

The Eurasian Sparrow Hawk:

The Eurasian Sparrow hawks are migratory birds. They visit India in monsoons and winters. They mostly feed on birds and reptiles.This Yellow eyed hawk was looking at me and when I was just about to click the shutter she lifted a leg in such grace as if she was ready foe the pose.

The Purple Rumped Sunbird



  Copper Smith Barbet

The Langoors and the the red faced monkeys are very common through out the Ghats and they are Camera friendly as well. They prefer to give poses while taking a Snap. 

When I visited the Ghats it was breeding season and I could see a lot of young off springs. The ape breeding was specially in full swing. 


The monkeys kept on reminding me one message only " Even we understand about family planning"

The Flooded tree:


This tree I came across in the flooded river in Kolhapur

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