Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amba and Vishalgad

Location Guide:
60 KMs from Kolhapur on Ratnagiri road. From Amba city take Left  turn towards Vishalgad.

Going in to any of the fort, mountain tops, view points of western ghats just gives one message that its not the destination but the journey is more important.


Every time I have explored so much on en-route to my every trip to Ghats that my expectation level has increased so much and has developed an insatiable desire for exploring the ghats more and more.



This trip was meant to be trip to Vishalgad, but due to rains the culmination could not happen at the Vishalgad fort.

Sitting on the banks of Kasari Lake is an experience which will definitely test the writing skills of any of the travelogue writer.

Watching the Sunsets at the Kasari lake as been one of the most fulfilling and soulful moments of my life.


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