Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hiking in Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

On August 15th 2009, I visited Radhanagari Wild life Sanctuary. When I left Kolhapur it was bright hot and steaming out there. But I was quite sure that the rain gods are not going to cheat me in the Western Ghats.

The Ghats are one of the very few bio diversity hot spots remaining on the wild life map of man kind.

The ghats are home to some of the rare species of flora and (specifically amphibians) are limited only to the ghats.
I got the glimpse of a lizard which was taking a sun bath. I was amazed to see the camouflage of that lizard.

In all from Sunrise to Sun set both the flora and fauna kept me amusing by my self. 


One of the Most exciting pictures that I have ever shot of flowers.



Kolhapur Sight seeing


Every corner presents you a synchronous sound of water from the clouds colliding with rocks and coming down. 

Places to Visit in Kolhapur


RTNE said...

This is awesome...waterfall !!

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

an you pl give me the phone number for dajipur bison resort ?

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Arvind Ghode
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Anonymous said...

hay arvind lets see u got all information about dajipur..