Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Bhudargad Fort

Location Guide:

60 Kms from Kolhapur. Kolhapur to Gargoti, from Gargoti take the Gadhinglaj road and take a right turn as soon as the ghat finishes. 

On the way to Bhudargad fort there comes two small Hamlets and viewing landscapes of these hamlets from the top of the hill is a spell binding experience.



The History:

In 12th century King Bhoj built this fort. The most distinct  feature of this fort is the vision range in all the four direction.

In 1667 the fort was repaired and put in excellent order by Shivaji. Shortly after, it was captured by the Moghals. About five years later the fort was retaken, and the standard colours of the Moghal general who was killed in the conflict were presented to the temple of Bhairav where they are still kept. About the close of the eighteenth century Parsuram Bhau Patvardhan took the fort by bribing the garrison and held it for about ten years when it was retaken by the Kolhapur State.




In 1844, were dismantled under the advice of the Bombay Government, stands on a bluff rock thirty-six miles,south of Kolhapur. It is 2,600 feet from north to south and 2,100 feet from east to west, and is enclosed by a broken stone and mortar wall with two gateways.

In 1844 the garrisons of Bhudargad and Samangad revolted and closed their gates. On the 13th of October, 1844, Bhudargad was taken by British forces and dismantled.

The chief object of interest is the temple of Bhairav which is about 3,000 feet square and consists of a stone and cement shrine, a hall, and a northern verandah.This temple remains cool in all the seasons.



Dudhi Lake is a place to spend at least an hour.  We just sat there water touching our feet and along with it bringing calmness and peace to the mind.

Sight of Lake at Chikotra dam from the fort is a distinct view and even in haze the lake view strikes through.

This "Lemon Pancy " butterfly was a in full mood to cooperate for shooting.



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