Friday, January 29, 2010

Yu Hi- Through the Lens:

Yu Hi- Through the Lens 

Compilation of Photographs from Every day life.
The Promises:

Seems to the story of Indian rural citizens or small peasants and farmers. They always seem to expecting and waiting for realization of promises made to them as rulers come and go.


The Delicacy:

A corn of Rs. 10 is a delicacy for an urban customer, but can this corn man afford a delicacy worth Rs. 10 for his Kids is the question.


Gentlemen’s Game:

From the game of Gentlemen and crème la crème of the society to the pastoral grounds, cricket really has come a long way to be called as a game of masses.


The Friendship:

The cat really is a smart animal. She has developed profound friendship with a source of Milk.

Dogs Best Friend:  

It looks like the dog has found his best friend


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A wild life enthusiast, who loves to go out in wild and feel the trance of nature.
Aspires to write a book someday on Wild travelogues in India.

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