Saturday, March 20, 2010

Radhanagari in summers

Radhanagari in summers

We left Kolhapur at around 6 o clock in the morning on our bikes and with the amount of Chill in the air no one could say that it was a summer morning. The weather was giving us the best lessons on how trees could protect earth from Global warming.

We reached at the entrance of the Sanctuary at around 8'o clock. While registering ourselves at the Forest department we enquired about the results of latest Wild animal census conducted in the sanctuary. The Forest officer told us that there are 3 Royal Bengal Tigers, around 15 leopards and more than 650 Bisons in the reserve. The numbers sounded quite a handful for a reserve that is spread in 350 Sq Km of area. The Range officer also informed us that a Tigress in the reserve has given birth to two cubs. This came as a zephyr of relief for all of those like us who are concerned about the disseminating Tiger population in India. 


It was such a pleasant feeling to see a low group of cloud over the Radhanagari Lake; I had witnessed a similar scene in monsoons as well. You can see the picture by clicking on the following link

We happened to be the first group of people to have entered the Sanctuary that day. This made us witness amazing amount of Pug marks left by the Animals during the last night. All the signs of the Pug marks on the trail were shouting loudly that the Sanctuary is still lively and active. 

The best part about the Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary is the fact that there are 3 watch towers provided at the prominent animal sighting locations; all these locations provide a clear view of the water reservoir. 

To our misfortune we could not take the snaps of the wildlife that came in front of us. They were a bit too quick for our cameras. We came across, Wild Cat, Wild Cock, Pea-Hens, and not to mention Beautiful species of camera friendly butterflies of Western Ghats. 

While exploring the interiors of the jungles and searching for Snakes we came across a cave fully occupied by the Bats. 

The Mystical snakes eluded us this time as well.

For me sightings of Butterflies has such a calming influence that I tend to forget the heat, the terrain, the tiredness everything. 

While during the exit from the sanctuary some of the beautiful flora of the Jungle waived good bye to us. 

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