Friday, October 22, 2010



After spending 3 days in Dandeli, as soon as i came back to Kolhapur, I called up Satya  straight away. I did so because I knew one thing for sure that informing Satya about such a wonderful place will guarantee my one more visit to this place. 

When we both decided to spend a weekend in the thick dense forests of Dandeli, one more adventure was adding to the taste of it, it was going to Dandeli from Kolhapur on Bike. Although the Bike passed all the endurance tests during the trip but just to add a bit of excitement to the trip threw up some tantrums at the culmination of the trip. 

After reaching Dandeli and having lunch it was time to feel depressed. The retreating monsoon was falling heavily over the entire valley, making us feel that all the dreams that we have weaved were about to be washed away. 

The clouds started clearing by the evening, and once the clouds got cleared we went to go to have a view of Sunset point. As we were uncertain about the rains, we decided not to carry our camera. Observing the sun coming down and seeing the shades of clouds and water change to the rhythm of setting sun was amongst the most soulful moments that can come across anyone.

In the night it was arranged that we would be going to Jungle Safari early morning by 4 o clock. In the morning we went to Safari and again not to mention we only came across a Sambhar Deer in the entire Safari. But a Giant wood spider, perhaps the biggest ever I have ever come across in my life was the catch of the Safari. The water droplets dripping down the web silk of the spider was one more sparkle in the entire spectacle. 

 A Giant Wood Spider

While coming back we enjoyed the bird watching trail lead by Anna, one of the things that I have always appreciated about Anna is the fact that how can someone being near to illiterate and having no knowledge of English  can have knowledge   about so many birds at the tip of the tongue. We came across Grey Wagtail, Red Whiskered Bulbul, the omnipresent Green Bee Eater, Falcon, on our bird watching trail. 

 A Grey Wagtail

But the most prized catch of this trail was fresh Pugmarks of a leopard. The stealth with which the leopard moves around i Jungles some how makes me believe that this feline would be able to survive through this poaching and loss of habitat threat. 

 Leopard Pug marks- Towards a Bleak Future

I still believe that Dandeli is perhaps the perfect paradise for bird watchers like me. The place not only have birds but also has some of the most vibrant and colourful butterflies and dragon flies. 

Crimson Rose

 A Female Purple Rumped Sunbird

A Female Loten's Sunbird 

After watching birds satya had a desire to watch the Malabar Pied Horn bill, and we roamed around 22 KMs to reach to the Timber yard area where it is supposedly a colony of Hornbills, but even after not having any sighting of Horn bill we were not at all disheartened, both of us were smiling on our decision to go to the Timber yard. It was a Malabar giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica), gracing on the perch of a tree and enjoying its meal. 

 Malabar Giant Squirrel

This was an amazing site to watch this Squirrel move from one bark of the tree to other, exploring the tree. The swift movements of this squirrel in its lusty and cozy skin overcoat were a treat to watch. Each snap that we took made us feel that we should click one more snap. Finally it was getting late and we paid our adieu to this magnificent Animal. 

It was time to say good bye to this wonderful place called Dandeli...